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At least 80% of the referral cases I see are seeking a second opinion because they have been told "There is nothing more that can be done" This is not true!

Animals that have lived 20 years and beyond!

Roger Bannister was the first person in history to break the 4-minute mile. This record was beaten 46 days later because others saw what could be achieved. Witnessing pets live long, healthy lives can inspire us to strive for the same with our own companions.

Once we change our belief system (BS) and recognize what’s achievable, new possibilities open up, and the boundaries of what we think can be achieved are expanded.

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My story:

Hearing the words “there is nothing more that can be done” was the inspiration and source of my commitment and passion to “always have something to offer”. 

To help my horse, Lilly, who was in immense pain, I became certified in animal chiropractic. This healing modality along with laser therapy and herbal remedies began my lifelong quest to become the world’s most advanced “biohacker” for animals. 

Within 5-6 months, Lilly and my youngest daughter went on to win the United States Reserve Youth National Championship, one of the most prestigious horse shows in the US for young riders. I passionately believe to “never let somebody else tell you what is or isn’t possible” After all, “a miracle is simply an outcome you didn’t imagine and you can’t explain.”

Recognized By Industry Leaders As “The Bioregulatory Expert For Pets”

"Angel on earth who gives hope to pet owners."

Dr. Jessica Peatross, MD

"Impressed by her dedication and expertise."

Dr. James Odell, ND, OMD, L.Ac.

"Dr. Siegel deserves nationwide recognition"

Dr. Sharon Stills, ND

"the examples she shared with us are, were just stunning and the result was breathtaking."

Dr. Hennings Saupe

"if you are a pet owner, she may be the one that you have been waiting for to ensure that your pets lead a beautiful life."

Jana Danielson

"And that inspires me to bring that to my patients. That's what inspires me."

Dr. Mark Carney

What Pet Parent Students have to say:

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