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Dr. Marlene Siegel

“I teach people and practitioners how to create healthy lifestyles designed to prevent disease and improve quality of life. Today my practice is dedicated to a wide array of alternative therapies from all over the world.”
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About Dr. Siegel

Dr. Siegel is best known for integrating holistic treatment options with traditional veterinary medicine. Since 1987, she has relentlessly pursued the cause of disease in animals and formulated treatment regimens that literally save lives. It’s not a stretch to say that Dr. Siegel has given back decades of life to the animals she has treated. Dr. Siegel is committed to creating healthy lifestyles for animals and the people that love them. Dr. Siegel gained national recognition after being featured on the Truth About Cancer Project in 2019, and in the same year, launched EvoLove Raw – her proprietary raw pet food for dogs and cats. Dr. Siegel continues to treat pets at her practice in Lutz, Florida and is also a frequent speaker and lecturer across the country.

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