Awakening To Your Authentic Purpose

Integrating body, mind, and spirit through nutrition, exercise, and thoughts.

In previous posts I have explored nutrition. You are what you eat, digest, and assimilate.  Now I am going to explore thoughts.  When was the last time you wondered “Why am I here”, and “What is my purpose?”

For many people, life is happening to them instead of them taking charge of their lives and living the life of their dreams.

Fact: You create your reality. By focusing on your thoughts, you create an intention and an energetic vibration that attracts to you that which you are focused on.  Many people resist and resent believing this. The reality is, you and you alone are responsible for your feelings and actions.  No one can make you feel any way unless you allow that to happen. You choose how you feel and respond to every situation in your life. Are you making choices that empower you and awaken you to your higher purpose? Or are you looking at obstacles as challenges that block you from discovering your authentic self.

That which you resist persists

For those who are awakened to their purpose or are ready to awaken and find their purpose, you know why you are reading this.  For those who are not yet aware of the trance they are in, for just a moment, suspend any belief system you may have regarding life and its purpose.  Consider the possibility that it is not an accident you are reading this….what if you created this time and space for the express purpose of awakening yourself?

To feel purposeful and expanded, energy must flow in 2 directions, into our “self” and out. Energy floods in through the thousands of messages we receive daily, from television, radio, newspaper, conversations with others, etc.

If all we did was receive, we would shrink and become small. We balance and expand by releasing energy through  our communication,  what we say, think and do.


How do you know what you are thinking and doing is who you really are? In any given situation that evokes deep emotion, ask yourself where the belief that led you to react came from.  Ask yourself if that belief, thought, or action makes you feel “light”, expanded, joyful, and fulfilled?  Does that belief fill you with passion and joy? When you act from those beliefs are you serving others in a positive and meaningful way? Your authentic self empowers you and fills you with love, grace and gratitude.

Heaviness, darkness, and negativity are absorbed energies that are not serving your higher purpose. Perhaps you picked up these beliefs as a child, observing family, teachers, friends or the media. Though these beliefs may have kept you safe in the past, if they are not helping you be all who came here to be, acknowledge them and release them. Replace them with thoughts and actions that are congruent with your authentic self.


To listen you must be present to receive.

You must understand what was said.

You must respond appropriately.

When you are present, information is flowing in and going out, you understand it, and you make choices that are congruent with serving your higher self.


Purpose, without it life is just aimless events.

Purpose determines your “livingness.”

Purpose is your intention towards achieving a goal.

Purpose defines, distinguishes, and drives you towards your fulfillment.

Living without purpose is like playing soccer without a net.  What’s the point of kicking the ball around if you can never score a point?

Here is an exercise for those who do not “know” their purpose.

  1. Write down everything you enjoy doing and everything you are passionate about.
  2. Write down everything you are gifted in.
  3. Write down things you have done for others that has positively impacted them and benefited them in some way.
  4. Write down who you admire. What are the qualities they posses that you want to emulate.
  5. Circle the items that keep recurring: these are the things you should be incorporating into your life to help you serve your purpose.

Many people “know” their purpose but are afraid to follow it because of obstacles. They allow limiting beliefs about lack (lack of time, money, ability, opportunity) to stand in their way.

Obstacles or challenges are what make the game, the purpose, most meaningful.

Going back to the soccer game example, do you give up and walk away when the opposing team comes on the field?

And when you stay and play the game, which win is more meaningful…beating the worst team in the league or defeating the world champions.

Obstacles are self created opportunities to master success and awaken your soul to its higher purpose. 


Dare To Dream

Dreaming and believing is fundamental to livingness

Happiness is not an emotion, it is a state of “Being”

Have the Courage to Be, Do, and Have the life of your dreams

The reward for “Being” your authentic self is the joy of “Being”

Grant others their “beingness” by putting perfection in, on, and around everything

Observe to observe without judgement


The key to happiness and bliss

The purpose of life

Does not lie below us

Does not float above us

Does not reside around us

Does not live in others

It is not hidden at all

It is within us

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