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"Dr. Marlene Siegel blew my mind with the miracles that she is achieving with animals.
She is such an angel on earth!"

Dr. Jessica Peatross, MD

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My Story:

"There is nothing more that can be done"


Hearing the words “there is nothing more that can be done” was the inspiration and source of commitment driving Dr. Siegel’s passion to “always have something to offer”.

This is when she first began her integrative practice, bringing in a certified animal chiropractor in an effort to help her horse, Lily, with her immense pain. Within 5-6 months, Lily and Dr. Siegel’s youngest daughter went on to win the United States Reserve Youth National Championship, one of the most prestigious horse shows in the US for young riders. 

“So I tell people all the time, never let somebody else tell you what you can and can’t do. Never let somebody define your capacity, your capabilities, because there is always that ability to heal.”

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“The Angel for Pets with Dis-ease”

"Amazing vet helps pets thrive, not just survive."

Dr. Marisol, ND Queen of Thrones

"Impressed by her dedication and expertise."

Dr. James Odell, ND, OMD, L.Ac.

"Dr. Siegel deserves nationwide recognition"

Dr. Sharon Stills, ND

"Genuine care and concern for pets demonstrated."

Dr. Chip Halberson, ND

"Angel on earth who gives hope to pet owners."

Dr. Jessica Peatross, MD

"Dr. Siegel heart and skills are unmatched."

John A. Richardson Jr.
Dr. Siegel is best known for integrating holistic treatment options with traditional veterinary medicine. Since 1987, she has relentlessly pursued the cause of disease in animals and formulated treatment regimens that literally save lives. It’s not a stretch to say that Dr. Siegel has given back decades of life to the animals she has treated. Dr. Siegel is committed to creating healthy lifestyles for animals and the people that love them. Dr. Siegel gained national recognition after being featured on the Truth About Cancer Project in 2019, and in the same year, launched EvoLove Raw – her proprietary raw pet food for dogs and cats. Dr. Siegel continues to treat pets at her practice in Lutz, Florida and is also a frequent speaker and lecturer across the country.

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