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The last 20 years of Dr. Siegel’s nearly 40-year career as a veterinarian has led her to develop the widest array of alternative therapies and detoxification services in the country.

A true entrepreneur determined to solve needs that the pet world has, led her to be an international speaker and an innovator in integrative veterinary medicine.

She practices “bioregulatory medicine” which focuses on identifying the root cause of dis-ease and resolving that vs putting band-aids on symptoms.

As part of lifestyle solutions for pets, Dr. Siegel has developed her own raw pet food company and supplements, EvoLoveRaw.com.

Knowing knowledge is power, she has online programs for pet parents and veterinarians to teach integrative vet medicine.
Visit TransformingVetMedicine.com for more information.

She is launching S’Paws Family Wellness in 2023, a detox center for pets and their parents.  Connect with her at DrMarleneSiegel.com!



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