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S.T.A.R.T. (Select Toxins Are Removed Today)

I have been practicing veterinary medicine since graduating from the University of Florida in 1985. For 17 years I practiced straight Western-type medicine and considered myself an excellent practitioner.  

Eight years ago one of my personal show horses, Lilly, developed a neck problem that was debilitating and jeopardized her show career.  During a horse show with my 9-year-old child on board, she developed a neck spasm that caused her to rear up.  My daughter tried to keep from sliding backwards off the horse by pulling on the reins.  The horse was physically pulled over backwards.  Lilly consciously pushed herself in the opposite direction of where my daughter was falling.  Had Lilly not done this maneuver, she would have crushed and killed my daughter.  Fortunately, both were uninjured.

Several equine practitioners examined and evaluated Lilly. They concluded that there was nothing that could be done to fix her condition.  Their recommendation was to retire her at 7 years old.  Lilly was already a US and Canadian National Champion in open division and undefeated in the 10 and under division with my daughter.  This mare was an amazingly talented athlete and had saved my daughter’s life.  I was unwilling to accept that nothing could be done to restore her to optimum performance health.

Thus began my journey into alternative medicine.  As I learned about modalities to heal Lilly, I applied this knowledge to my veterinary patients.  Nutrition became the center of health care for my patients and my family.

I was approaching 50 years old and I was becoming sick and tired, literally; sick and tired.  My skin had lost collagen and when I spread my fingers out, the skin on the back of my hand wrinkled up.  My arms and legs were so dry I could scratch notes to myself!  My hair was thinning, I had frequent hot flashes, night sweats, and was waking every 2 hours from sleep.  I had gained 20 pounds and the weight refused to leave my belly.  I was sick and I was tired.

I found myself browsing in the vitamin section of a health food store.  Signs were all around me “MAKE A CHANGE”.  As I became more “aware” amazing mentors entered my life.

I became aware of the chemicals and preservatives in the products that touch my skin and hair.  I learned about Zenoestrogens (the preservatives used) and their link to estrogen based cancers.  Having two daughters, I wanted to minimize the risks of breast and uterine cancers in my family.   My first paradigm shift was to convert to all organic products that touch our skin; from laundry products to shampoo, conditioner, body soaps, deodorant, toothpaste, and makeup.

Everyone complains how it cost so much more to buy organic. It is not as though cost was not a consideration, the health and welfare of those I love and care for was far more precious than the few extra dollars spent. There were many areas that expenses could be trimmed. Ironically, it has turned out to be cheaper to buy organic products because less quantity of those products are needed to do the job.

Additionally, I began to study and use Chinese herbs to clear energetic blockages.  Within 24 hours my body began to change. I began to sleep soundly for 5-6 hours, breaking my pattern of waking during the night.  The stubborn weight began to melt off and all signs of menopause ceased. In 2 weeks I had lost 12 pounds and felt healthier than I had felt in years.

I was passionate to learn more about natural health.  My family and I all became certified in natural health.  I was shocked to discover how little I had really understood about diet, digestion, assimilation, elimination, and nutrition as a medical practitioner.

Every doctor in America should take a nutrition class taught from the perspective of natural health.  They should also be required to practice the principles so they could educate and empower their clients.

My second paradigm shift.  I began to buy mostly organic foods.  I eliminated dairy from my diet. I began to drink appropriate amounts of water.  Our family food bill went down over $500 dollars a month!

As my health improved, my passion for natural health intensified. I implemented all I  was learning into my practice, my family’s life, and of course Lilly.  Everyone benefited.

My passion grew.  I vowed to change the world, one pet, one person at a time.  The inspiration for L.I.I.F.E.  (Living Integrated Is For Everyone) was born.  Along with my dearest friends and my daughter, we have been hosting seminars twice a month at my practice and providing education on a wide range of topics, from energy medicine, emotional clearing, nutrition, raw food preparation, and permaculture.

All things happen for a reason I believe.  Recently I have been attending network meetings and learning how to utilize social media and networking to create a “call to action.”  An inspiration came to me last week.  It was simple, a “call to action” using social media to send out a challenge that would reverberate around the world. People all over the globe who were quite possibly feeling as I was, “sick and tired”; sick of being charged more for healthy, real food than food loaded with chemicals, preservatives, and sugar.  Sick of watching themselves or people they love suffer with degenerative diseases, obesity, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and depression, all as a result of poor diet.  Sick because genetically modified foods are infiltrating our food supply and the government refuses to give us a choice to use these products or not. I am sick and tired of risking my life, the lives of my children, my husband, my loved ones, and my friends because the food industry cares more about their profits than our lives!

So how do we fight back?  How do individuals change the food industry?  What if we combined forces and all spoke at the same time and said the same thing.  What if…….for one week, everyone refused to buy the toxic food, toxic cleaners and toxic personal products?  What if we each played our part by:

  1. Telling everyone they know, blogging, tweeting, facebook, email, linkedIn…..about this project.
  2. Everyone participating by giving up a minimum of one processed meal a day for 7 days, beginning July 4, 2012.
  3. Everyone replacing one personal care product with an organic solution.
  4. Everyone replacing one household cleaner with an organic solution.

The statement would have a significant impact on the agricultural, pharmaceutical, and food production industries!

So what’s stopping us? One action a day for 7 days, not a big hardship for each individual, but the unified message it will send is huge.

It’s time for us to be heard. It’s time for us to stop allowing big business to make us sick and tired, and then profit from our illness! 

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting information on what we can do as a nation of Peoples, united in the goal to reduce the toxins that are killing us and our world.  Through knowledge and choice we can reduce or eliminate toxins we are eating, breathing, and wearing.

I will be posting recipes to replace processed foods.

I will be suggesting alternatives to toxic cleaners in your home.

I will be encouraging everyone to grow at least one edible food.

I will be asking everyone to reach out to everyone they know, everywhere, so that we become a force to reckon with.

I want people to start incorporating changes, even if it is only one thing to start with.  Add something organic and raw to your diet.  If you already do this, do more, raise your benchmark.        

Beginning July 4, 2012, we, the people of the world, will collectively reduce the amount of non organic, processed foods and household cleaners we consume or use for seven days straight. It will be a S.T.A.R.T. (Select Toxins Are Removed Today)

I will also encourage everyone to plant 1 food-producing plant, tree, or shrub. I’ll write blogs on what to plant and the benefits of different produce. Even people living in apartments can use a grow box on their patio.

We will make a change!

Thank you for your support!

Input and suggestions are welcomed!

With love, respect, and gratitude,                                       

Dr. Marlene Siegel

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