We are what we eat. A species appropriate diet is the foundation to healthy living, for pets and their parents.

EvoLove has been formulated after 20 years of feeding trials with dogs of all breeds. EvoLove raw is made from grass fed, grass finished, free range animals that are treated with care and respect. The product is processed in a USDA inspected facility and tested for pathogens such as E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella. All food that is sold is clear of pathogens and is safe for pets to consume. Always use safe handling techniques when dealing with raw meat.

Testing, Not Guessing:

With 40 years in veterinary practice, I advocate a “testing, not guessing” approach when it comes to diagnostic testing. This methodology ensures that the underlying root causes of issues are identified and addressed, rather than just treating symptoms. All dis-ease stems from deficiencies (of essential nutrients), toxicities (overwhelming the ability of the body to remove them), and mitochondrial dysfunction.

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