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These integrative medical practices have made Life Changing differences in the lives of animals and their pet parents

My mission for veterinarians is crystal clear. I’m here to share everything I’ve learned with my fellow veterinarians who like me, are driven to provide the best care for our furry patients. I want to help veterinarians continue enjoying veterinary medicine by keeping their patients healthy and thriving…AND

My mission for pet parents is to empower them with knowledge and resources so that pet parents can make empowered decisions to ensure their pets are healthy and thriving.

With 40 years in veterinary practice, I advocate a “testing, not guessing” approach when it comes to diagnostic testing. This methodology ensures that the underlying root causes of issues are identified and addressed, rather than just treating symptoms. All dis-ease stems from deficiencies (of essential nutrients), toxicities (overwhelming the ability of the body to remove them), and mitochondrial dysfunction.

There is a plethora of information out there, (with some being incorrect). Even with the right information, we often lack the most important part – How to implement! 

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