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What Do They Say

Muffin was walking literally getting up and taking steps within seven days

Degenerative Disc Disease

Within 10 days, she went from not weight-bearing to walking normally, no steroids, no surgery, it was unbelievable

Severe Arthritis

Ireland was doing fabulous. Three and a half weeks after being paralyzed, back to her normal self.

Paralyzed dog

Be open and try new things because it can lead to positive changes in your life

Accident falling down the stairs

Other doctors get so focused on the symptoms that they neglect to treat the root cause

Obesity, anxiety and pain

"Angel on earth who gives hope to pet owners."

Dr. Jessica Peatross, MD

"Impressed by her dedication and expertise."

Dr. James Odell, ND, OMD, L.Ac.

"Dr. Siegel deserves nationwide recognition"

Dr. Sharon Stills, ND

"the examples she shared with us are, were just stunning and the result was breathtaking."

Dr. Hennings Saupe

"if you are a pet owner, she may be the one that you have been waiting for to ensure that your pets lead a beautiful life."

Jana Danielson

"And that inspires me to bring that to my patients. That's what inspires me."

Dr. Mark Carney
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