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The Body Is A Complicated Machine With A Unique Ability To Repair

I picture the body as a complicated machine.  The body (like a machine) has many parts.  In both models, some parts need to be replaced periodically and some parts need cleaning.  Here is the amazing difference between a machine and the body.  If a machine part wears out, it must be replaced, the machine can’t generate the replacement on its own.  The body, unlike a machine, is capable of regenerating and repairing, provided it has the building blocks to do so.  The body makes 300 billion new cells DAILY!  The goal is to have these new cells be healthier than the worn out ones they are replacing.

Going back to the machine model, if a factory runs out of a key ingredient, the production line is halted.  The body is amazing in that it can run out of a key ingredient, but can substitute another ingredient in order to maintain operations.  This substitution may not be as efficient, but for the short term it gets the job done.  Ideally the shortage is fixed and operation resumes at optimum efficiency.  If the shortage continues, over time problems (dis ease) may arise.

When the body is in a state of rebuilding and repairing, it is called Anabolic Repair.  When the body has more breakdown and destruction it is called Catabolic decline.  The key to anti-aging therefore lies in keeping the body in an Anabolic State more than a Catabolic State.  This is accomplished with proper nutrition, exercise, and mental focus.

My next article will give specific things to do to slow down the aging process and maintain a state of health.

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