S.T.A.R.T. The Law Of Attraction

Many people today are living with fear, unhappiness, and scarcity.

Lack of money, lack of jobs, toxic foods and stressful lives.

There is fear of what is happening to our country. An election year that could change our world forever.

Darkness seems to be engulfing us and we are losing sight of the light.

Though there has been a lack of consciousness and awareness, there is a massive energetic movement to bring about knowledge of how we can manifest changes by the power of our thoughts.

The law of attraction states that we create and attract that which we think.

So if we continue to dwell on the above negatives, we will attract more negativity.

I ask EVERYONE to join me in manifesting a better world.

Start with your own thoughts.  Think only thoughts that bring joyOnly do actions that bring joy.

If you feel fear or scarcity, acknowledge what thought caused it, and ask yourself when you are willing to release it.

Fear is simply fantasized experiences appearing real.  Fear is an imagined negative event projected into the future.

The greatest personal growth will come when the fear is the greatest.

The solution is to NOT project fear into the future.  Instead, consciously create a positive image of what you want the world to be.  See it, feel it, be it, not in the future, but right now.  Own your life. Only you are responsible for the way you feel.

Replace the thought of fear with a positive thought of what you want to BE.  Write down what you want.  Read it every morning and every evening.  BE it in every cell of your body.

The universal law of cause and effect will prevail.  Good things will lead to good things, bad things will lead to bad.

Change the world by becoming aware.  Stay in light, love, gratitude, and abundance.

By being in a state of light, love, gratitude, and abundance, you will exude positive energy; others will feel it and shift too.

Write your “ I statement”  and read it morning and night.  I am grateful for………………

(examples can be I am grateful for my family, having work, being healthy, having choices, awareness, the joy in my life, the beauty in nature, walking my path of purpose …)

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  1. I watched The Secret film many times and I have to say it sure boosted my happiness the first time I watched it! I have found out that you can get or do anything as long as you focus on it with all your might and without a doubt that you will have the opportunity to get those things.

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